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CS Xiezi - HSK Level 1

4.4 ( 6944 ratings )
Подорожі Освіта
Розробник: Clavis Sinica
1.99 USD

Master the characters in the HSK Chinese language test with the Xiezi Chinese Character Trainer app from Clavis Sinica. The app uses attractive stroke animations to show you how each character is formed, one stroke at a time. It then invites you to practice writing the character yourself on the touchscreen, and gives you immediate feedback on every stroke you draw.

Three different learning modes--Train, Drill, and Test--take you from your first encounter with each new character through systematic writing practice to a thorough mastery of the characters structure and stroke order.

This version of the app gets you started with the complete set of 178 characters required for the HSK Level 1 Chinese language test, the leading standardized assessment exam for students of Chinese. The characters are divided into 7 lessons of 25-26 characters, arranged by usage frequency.

A version of this app is used in first-year Chinese language courses at the University of Michigan, where the author is a faculty member.